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Dystopian comedy gets triple recognition!

Anubis Productions most recent film 'Tripod' is a dystopian comedy that features Tara MacGowran, Michael Walter and Georgiana Nielson-Toy. Tripod was accepted by Lift-Off Sessions;

a monthly competition featuring new and emerging indie content, in 2021. The film uses effective and light-hearted comedy, along with its unique premise to create an enjoyable viewing experience. Tripod is written, directed and edited by Georgiana Nielson-Toy, who took inspiration from the relationship between her and her friends during lockdown. Georgiana says that she “wanted to create something light-hearted, to keep spirits up during lockdown.” Georgiana managed to create an interesting and detailed idea using, something we are all familiar with, “remote meetings” as a format. The film features well written characters, that is emphasised by the absolutely awe inspiring performance from the actors, along with some ridiculous and hilarious comedic scenarios.

To view the full feature film; free to all, click here!

Written by Evan Lane


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