"Anubis Actors" - Acting Agency for trained and experienced  Actors/Actresses 


Anubis Actors' represents trained and experienced actors for speaking roles in theatre, film, corporate, commercials, voice overs, TIE, children's theatre and workshop productions.

All actors MUST HAVE A SPOTLIGHT account.

To ensure the standard of talent is maintained all actors are auditioned or viewed in productions and met in person before a contract is signed.  

Agency rate is currently 5% for stage productions at NLW or above and 7% for all other media, per job engagement for each actor. 

AGENTS: Callum Fry & Georgiana Neilson-Toy Tel. 07825293837

Employment Count 

2020: 6

Female Actors

Playing age 13-16 

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Actress Georgiana Neilson-Toy

Playing age 42-50. 

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Playing age 31 - 40

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Playing age 40 - 55 

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