Murder Mystery Dinners! 


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Available dates to book are: Friday 11th, Saturday 12th, 18th or 19th October 2019. Watch this space for other productions throughout the year.  

Read what very happy and entertained customers said below...

'The Swamp Queen'  and 'The Halloween Haunting' are  original Murder Mystery dinner plays, written and directed by Georgiana Neilson-Toy, Georgiana also performs with highly talented professional actors. The dinner plays are ongoing performances booked and presented at different venues throughout the year. 

'The Swamp Queen' murder mystery dinner play is set in 1946, after the Second World


War. Brigadier Walter Barnett and his wife Patricia are  hosting a retirement dinner party, but


the blood shed has not stopped on the battlefield!  

Based on real history, this event promises to be funny, romantic, tragic and ultimately Murderous! A memorable night of unforgettable entertainment! 

'The Halloween Haunting' murder mystery dinner play focuses on four characters: a vampire, a pirate werewolf, a ghost witch and a nun. Comical and tragic, romantic and horrifying, based on local ghost stories and legends, this will prove to provide guests with a truly mesmerizing and fangtastic night! 

Here are a few testimonials from very satisfied customers:


"The Swamp Queen mystery murder evening was simply sublime! The performance was amazing, teaching us about the hardships of the 1940’s with some impactful undertones and themes. A fantastic reason to get dressed up, meet new people and have a laugh, all at the same time! I would highly recommend anyone to attend and partake in a fun filled evening of murder and deception." Harry Bareham March 2019.

"Absolutely brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it" Caroline March 2019. 

Production price is £20-25 per dinner ticket sold 

Recommended ticket price is £55-60 per head for a three course meal and performance.

However, we are flexible and willing to accommodate many budgets!

'Ghost Voices'2018

''Ghost Voices' is an original theatre project written and directed by Georgiana Neilson-Toy, which was originally performed to a sell out audience in 2016 and played to over 100 people in 2018 . Georgiana continues to be prolific in her writing and production work and regularly teaches drama at the Merlin Theatre in Frome. 

Ellen Blythe is a historian who loves to give talks about bygone days as well as myths and ghosts. But one night her stories seem to come alive or should I say dead! ‘Ghost Voices’ is an exciting light and sound theatre experience. So prepare to be haunted! PLEASE READ TESTIMONIALS at the bottom of this page.

Here are some testimonials from audiences in 2016:


"Ghost Voices is compelling folk horror theatre with a local twist - darkly atmospheric and original. The presence of the ghosts is electrifying. I will definitely be going again!" Ann Harrison-Broninski, 2016.

"Really enjoyed 'Ghost Voices' BUT don't be fooled, we were enjoying the humour of it but then we jumped out of our seats...very moving and scary! Well done Georgiana and team! " Sue Bucklow - Curator, 2016.

"Saw 'Ghost Voices' tonight, 8 July. Wonderfully engaging and very well put-together. Well done to you!"  James A. FitzGibbon - Teacher, 2016.

Georgiana Neilson-Toy

Georgiana Neilson-Toy

as Ellen Blythe

Costa Chard

Costa Chard

As Lucius and Harry Miller

Francis Hayden

Francis Hayden

as Howard Carter

Ellen Kirkman

Ellen Kirkman

as Ankarette Twynhwo

Duncan Bonner

Duncan Bonner

As Doctor Glanvil

Leah Emma Smith

Leah Emma Smith

as Barter

Maia Fry

Maia Fry

as Anubis

The Staged Reading of Animal

June 2014 

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