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Maria Hemming

Maria trained at Bristol Acting Academy and has a diverse history of acting. As well as acting, Maria is a writer and teaches drama regularly to children and runs her own drama academy.  She is currently writing an original comedy series. 

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Acting CV

SHAKESPEARE WITHIN, 2022 (Immersive theatre)

Character: Hermione from The Winter's Tale and Witch Two from Macbeth

Misplaced Theatre and Shipwrecks and Dreams, Director: Ben Jenkins

NEVER TO BE REPEATED, 2022 (Short Film)

Character: Anna

JB Productions, director: Lisa Smoult



Character: Lady with Hoover

NYMBL Ltd production company, director: Alun Pughe


THE ROYAL MINT - NEW SAVER, 2022 (Commercial)

Character: Mother with new born baby

Jones Millbank, director: Robert French


HEALTH VISITORS, 2021 (Short Film)

Character: Mrs Clarence

Anubis Productions, director: Georgiana Neilson-Toy


FRIGHT SHIFT, 2021 (Short Film)

Character: PC Sloane

4K Productions Ltd, director: Tim Dane Reid

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